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    2. About Us

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      在光芒四射的黃浦江畔和神秘的甌江畔,有一群才華橫溢的廣告人,他們凝聚成創新的團體,這個專業的廣告機構叫佳洋。佳洋,一個思維之光迸發的地方,一個創意萌發的地方,一個活力充沛的地方。在溫州這塊發營經濟茁壯成長的沃土,佳洋應世而生,成為溫州最早民營廣告公司之一。在陪伴客戶成長的同時,佳洋順勢同步成長,經歷了多年的磨煉和積累,在廣告行業沉浮之中脫穎而出,已成功發展為一個有口皆碑的廣告公司。他立足本土,又引入國際化的設計理念和創意。他秉承了民營企業的敏銳、執著,又追求規范化和專業化。他發揚了民營企業的優勢,善于洞察本土市場,又蘊含了藝術思維,策劃了有效的傳播方案,為諸多的企業 和機構創作了獨樹一幟頗有影響力的廣告作品。佳洋擁有優秀的創意隊伍和執行人員,已經被眾多客戶認定為“智慧團”和專業的品牌顧問。




      Founded in 1996,Jayan Advertising Company is aprofessional and localized Chinese organization for brand planning and design, image promotion and service.

      In the ray four huangpu river banks and the mystical oujiang river bank, have the crowd of sciontillation adman,they condense the association which cheng ge innovates, this specialized advertiosing medium calls good ocean good ocean -- light of thought sets out the place, a creativity sprouts place, vigor abundant place. Fertiole soil which grows healthy and strong in wenzhou this provately operated economy, the good ocean should the world live, becomes Whenzhou to approve privately operated advertisment company it most early. While accompanies which the customer grows, the good ocean took advantage of opportunity the synchronization to grow, has experienced many year disciplining adn accumulates .During advertisement profession ups and downs blooming, has succeeded the development the advertisement company which wins universal praise. he bases the native place, also introduces the internationalization the design idea and the creativity. hereceivedthe Private enterprise to be keen. to be rigid, also pursued the standardization and the specialization He hascarried forward Private enterprise's superiority, is good at seeing clearly the native place market, also has cotained the artistic thought that has planned the effective dissemination ten thosand documents, was many profession enterprises and the organization has created the alone tree zhi qite influentioa; advertisement work. The good ocaen has the outstanding creativity troop and the enforcement agents, by the numerous customers was already recognized that is "the wisdom group" and specialized brand consultant. In the intense creativity competiton, the good ocean's creation personnel excel at the enterprise image plan, the plane advertisement design menufacture, the film and television, advertisement convention designing, brand promotion creativities and so on website construction, has cast the numerous success cases. The good ocean will provide for you leads to the successful key to a problem. ThE good ocean will assist you to create the more brand values.